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The Beginnings…


All Out Kayak Fishing was an ambitious brainchild of William Ragulsky back in the winter of 2013.  The site officially launched in January 2014 with the intention of being a collaborative site with anglers throughout the world to showcase their stoke for the sport we love so much.  Through months of hard work, lots of friends were made from around the globe, and we were introduced to an amazing group of anglers.

Over time however, the need to update individual sites, the 9-5 grind and the desire to spend time on the water put the project on the back burner.  In the first year All Out Kayak Fishing was averaging 50,000 page views a month, but life was calling and the site fell in disarray.  While was periodically updated, it too fell by the wayside.  Fishing was good though.

Fast forward 18 months to the present.  The site was no longer running, and upkeep costs were too much to just let the domain sit stale.  So the revitalized All Out Kayak Fishing is a combination of a lot of personal resources, while maintaining a manageable goal.  Friends and Family will be featured on the site, but not to the extent of the beginning days.  With that being said, I would be wrong if I didn’t mention the individuals who helped get the first version off the ground.  Thank you, in no particular order to :

Rob Choi (VA)

Kayak Kevin Whitley (VA)

Jay Brooks (VA)

Matthew Vann (FL)

Richie Bekolay (FL)

Mike Basnite (FL)

Lee Williams (VA)

Daniel VanDerPost (Netherlands)

Rob Appleby (UK)

Joel Abbrahamson (Scandinavia)

Brian Nelli (FL)

Brandon Barton (FL)

Jeff Little (MD)

Juan Veruete (PA)

Marty Mood (FL)

Jack Daughtry (FL)

Justin Mayer (VA)

Mark Lozier (VA)

Dan Smullen (VA)

If I forgot anyone, please rest assured that this was not my intention.  Please let me know so I can make it right.  Thank you to each of you and the readers.  If it werent for y’all pushing the envelope, grinding day and night, this name wouldnt be what it is today.

William Ragulsky – All Out Kayak Fishing