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When asked “What makes a great kayak fishing paddle?” the best response is “A great paddling paddle.”  Werner Paddles provide exceptional versatility and extreme quality to withstand some of the toughest conditions that kayak anglers face.  American made in Sultan, WA… I will absolutely not compromise on the quality of my paddles, that’s why I have and will always paddle Werner’s.

Born from the Whitewater community, Astral manufactures PFD’s that are bombproof without sacrificing killer looks and amazing comfort.  One would be mistaken if they forgot to mention their footwear.  Weather you are on the beach, boardwalk, boat, kayak, or walking through the hills, Astral makes extremely functional yet fashionable footwear for an active lifestyle.


From their beginnings in 2009 making lights for Kayak Anglers, YakAttack is the undisputed leader in rigging solutions for the kayak angler.  Starting with the GearTrac and Mighty Mount, there are a insane amount of options to customize your kayak to your angling needs.  YakAttack doesn’t just make new products, they also lead the way by finding flaws in existing products and making them better.

When you find yourself surrounded by finicky Redfish and Speckled Trout, ensure that you have the best baits to rip some lips.  Starting with the VUDU Shrimp and VUDU Mullet, Egret makes baits that mimic what the fish are feeding on to a tee!  Add kevlar weave to the historically weak areas of baits and you have a soft bait that will last fish after fish.  Don’t sleep on the Kick-a-Mullet’s, the Mambo’s, or the Wedgetail lines… All are proven fish slayers!