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My Homies

I am very fortunate to have some amazing friends that do some amazing things on the water.  Thankfully the majority of my crew also have some kick ass web content.  Here are my homies that you can visit and follow along in their adventures.




Kayak Kevin is truly an OG of kayak fishing.  Many of you know him from his DVD’s, Podcasts, or Facebook Presence.  There are a fortunate few of us however that know him for who he truly is.  DRUM JESUS at work is a sight to see.  All it takes is a whistle and the fish are at his beck and call.  #kayakkevindotcom

Website –

YouTube – Kayak Kevin Channel                                                      YouTube – Kayak Kevin Podcast



Rob and I came into the game around the same time.  While he excelled in the “game” from the get go, I didn’t so much.  Rob is one of two kayak anglers who hold the distinction of Saltwater Expert and Saltwater Master Angler (Kayak Kevin is the only other angler to hold those titles).  Furthermore, Rob holds the VA Freshwater Master Angler status.  On top of all this, Rob is one of them guys that always is the life of the party.

Website –                                                   YouTube – Rob Choi Channel

jayfish4Jay “The Killer” Brooks

Jay is one of those guys who kinda showed up in the Hampton Roads scene from out of the blue.  I will admit that after doing some decent work and getting some very nice catches, I was on the sidelines and Jay was in the spotlight.  Come to find out that this cat works hard, is fun to be around, and knows how to get it done.  Jay can be found at his local pond slaying the bass and crappie on the fly when he’s not chasing Sheepshead, Pig Striper, or Bull Reds.  He just recently blew away the field in the 2016 TKAA Tournament with a 47″ Bull Redfish.

Website –


Mark Lozier – 1st Landing Kayak Fishing Guide Service

I am fortunate enough to have known Mark for quite a few years now.  As an angler, Mark knows the inshore three (Specks, Reds, and Flounder) like the back of his hand.  If skinny water fishing expertise is needed, Mark is your man.  As a person, you will be hard pressed to find anyone better.  As a guide, he will not only put you on fish, but he will help you understand the thought process that goes into what he’s doing.  You can contact Mark for info on a guided trip below.

E-Mail –                           Facebook – 1st Landing Kayak Fishing