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Product Review – Shamano Crucial Spinnerbait Rod

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So, I have been able to get a few trips on the water, and caught enough fish to write a confident review of one of my newer, more enjoyable purchases.

A few weeks back, I bought a 6’10” Shamano Crucial Spinnerbait rod.  Mainly fishing saltwater, I chose this rod for a simple reason, the exposure of the rod blank below the reel.  This exposure allows me to feel those subtle little ticks of non aggressive fish chomping on the lure.  I have thrown 1/2 oz jigs with trailers, 1/8 oz wacky work rigs, shallow crankbaits, and of course 1/4 oz spinnerbaits with this rod.  Even though it is designed as a technique specific rod, I feel comfortable using it in multiple applications, fresh and salt.

My favorite casting rod is a MH power, Fast or Extra fast action.  The rod that I chose was a MH/XF.  It allows me to wing baits a country mile, but still have enough backbone to get fish to hand as quickly as possible.

It is an IM-10 rod, and built with the same blank construction as my beloved Teramar’s.  The rod itself is only 4 or 5 ounces, and paired with a Curado 200, the entire package comes in around a pound.  More than light enough for me.

Even though this unlucky pickerel was a nice test for the rod, I am anxious for my opportunity to chase some specks and reds in the near future.

Now to the money aspect of this rod.  I paid 150 for the rod, and pair that with another 150 for the reel, you would be hard pressed to find a combo that is as light, durable, and preforms as well as this does for 300 bucks.  So go out there, get you some fish, and enjoy!

One thought on “Product Review – Shamano Crucial Spinnerbait Rod

  1. They are great rods for sure Bill – have a few myself. Great review!


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