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Seein’ Red

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After a long week, I was aching for some Redfish action.  Saturday morning had different plans in mind.  The water quality has been poor in the lower bay the past few weeks, but what the hell.  I hit Rudee inlet, searching for Flounder.  Again, the water quality was poor but I managed to scrape together a few flatties up to 16″.  I took a bit of a detour and went outside the inlet, hoping for some Blues and  maybe the chance to cast to another Cobia.  The waves were nice (for surfing), but after a mile or so paddle out, Not hits and no cobes, I decided to call it a day.  It was a nice paddle in with the sun setting behind the boats.

VB Oceanfront and Rudee Inlet
A Perfect Ending

On Sunday, I was targeting reds.  This year has been strange.  Rumors of a huge mullet kill in South Carolina, a cold winter that culled a bunch of the residents, and water quality issues have resulted in a off year in the near shore locales.  A few weeks prior, I hit some of my honey holes with some promising signs but no dice.  I was drifting to some of my holes and the mullet were going crazy.  I threw a Redfish Magic and had a hit.  It was a short, non-aggressive bite but I figured “what the hell” and drove the hook home.  Wouldn’t you know it, a fish was on!  After some nice runs, a spirited fight and some hootin’ and hollerin’ the first red was in the boat.  She came in at a respectable 23″.  Fishing continued throughout the day with noting else notable.  The water visibility was about 3″, but it seems that if our temps cool down, and the wind lays back a bit, it will be a banner fall!

I caught you a delicious Red

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